Oak Haven

A new home with a Key West type flair and a veranda all around. Native Concept design for the entire acre. Many massive full lush tropical landscape with large maypan coconut palms around the pool.

Native Concepts reworked the vehicular flow of the traffic by redesigning and installing the driveways and guest parking areas.

Placement of thirteen large bamboos to the tip of the second story roof and through out the property.

Large oak trees around the perimeter with brass lighting installed in the top branches. One hundred brass light fixtures to accent all the pathways with up-lighting to accent all the oaks, palms and the large water feature in the back portion of the property. Triple terracing of hedges with multiple layering and free form flowering beds flowing through out the entire acre plus many native thatch palms through out the property and outside kitchen with natural stone ragged edge with dwarf mondo through out. This was just a small part of the installation.